Money Printer Go BRR

Heres some key features / mechanics of the game:

  • A fully working shop, that can be easily used in other projects
  • Tooltips, man did I learn about them, very useful to display dynamic information without being constantly on screen.
  • In-game Level Editor – Ability to create, move and delete items on a 2D scene
  • Items place on the scene influence each other, that can collide and have area effects. This must be refreshed everytime items are messe with.
  • Transaction – I learned how to save data in the form of transactions, so that instead of having to calculate for example how much cached is being produced, that value is automatically updated with each transaction / scene refresh rathen than being done every frame.

Next Steps

  • Animations – I actually created some very basic animations for the items, just didn’t have the time to put them in.
  • Dialogue – I will add more dialogue every now and then to make the game more engaging
  • Sounds – Printer don’t go Brr cuz there is no sound!! I will add them in the upcoming days
  • Bug Fixing – I only realised that you can purchase all the upgrades for free after submitting the game 😅

Tools Used

  • Unity
  • Photoshop – for the amazing art
  • Ilustrator – to trace some images online
  • OBS – to record the whole process and make a timelapse later!
  • Microsoft Visual Studio – code editor

Download For Windows

Download Through